Emergencies 24/7

Heavy Metal Plumbing provides emergency Service 24 Hours a day – 7 days a week!

We admit that it would be ideal to have your plumbing system installed, put it into use, and to never have to worry about it, its performance quality, or its condition ever again. As any homeowner can tell you, of course, this is just simply not the case. At some point, you are going to run into problems with your plumbing system and, yes, you may even encounter a plumbing emergency at some ungodly hour.

When that point arrives, it is important that you do not panic. Instead, keep your cool, pick up the phone, and contact the professional plumbers on the Heavy Metal Plumbing crew. Trust us when we tell you that we can handle any plumbing emergency in South Florida that you may encounter in your home 7 days a week. We will get your plumbing system back on track as quickly as possible. That way, you can dive right back into your daily routine.

What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

The last thing that you want to do in the event of a plumbing emergency – or a suspected plumbing emergency, for that matter – is to get caught up worrying about semantics. Ultimately, the ball is in your court when it comes to determining if the issues you encounter are justifiably classified as “emergencies.” Don’t get us wrong; certain plumbing problems can certainly wait for morning to be resolved. If you find that your garbage disposal won’t activate after a late dinner, for instance, you don’t really have an emergency on your hands. If you have a leak somewhere in your home that you suspect will do real damage, though, then by all means, give our emergency plumbers a call.

Why Hire a Qualified Emergency Plumber?

In the event of a real plumbing emergency, especially those in which time seems to be of the essence, you may be tempted to grab your toolbox and to rush into action. Well, let us tell you: if you didn’t have an emergency on your hands prior to taking up your toolbox, it is likely you will before long. When you run into an emergency with your plumbing system, the only tool you should grab is the phone, and we recommend that you use it to dial our number. If you do have a serious water leak, go ahead and utilize your water shut–off valve. Beyond that, the only way to deal with the problem is to get a licensed, qualified emergency plumber on the job as soon as possible.

How to Tell If You Have a Plumbing Emergency in Your Home?

Sometimes, a plumbing emergency is pretty straightforward. If your drain pipe is backing up into your basement, or if you have a backyard full of sewage, for instance, it is fairly safe to say that you need emergency plumbing services. Others are more subtle, though. If you hear the faint sound of running water, for instance, but cannot find its source, or if you feel a warm patch beneath your feet in your home, you may have a slab leak. These leaks can do real damage, really quickly, and are best located and repaired immediately. Whatever emergency plumbing services you may require in your home, our fleet of plumbers at Heavy Metal Plumbing is never more than a phone call away.