Power Vent Water Heater Services

We may have a lot of warm weather in our area, but that doesn’t mean you can go without hot water. Because of our weather, many homes do not have a fireplace or chimney, but, if you use a gas or propane-powered hot water heater, the combustion gases have to be properly vented. As such, many homeowners use a power vent water heater. These water heaters are more complex than standard gas-powered water heaters because they need their own piping to vent, and this is where the experts at Heavy Metal Plumbing come in. We can install, repair, maintain or replace your power vent water heater with our trained and certified technicians will make sure all work is done correctly the first time around. Call us today with all of your power vent hot water heater needs!

Heavy Metal Plumbing provides power vent water heater services throughout South Florida.

How Does a Power Vent Water Heater Work?

A standard combustion hot water heater uses the principle that heat rises to expel toxic combustion gases from the water heating process. However, this requires an outlet like a chimney. A power vent hot water heater uses a specialized fan that draws in air from your indoors or the outside to both push out the combustion gases as well as to help ignite and feed the flame that heats your hot water. The fan works one–way and is built with safety devices that ensure vapors surrounding the heating element do not ignite, and also that the flame doesn’t retreat. This type of water heater is also equipped with sensors that will shut the unit down should burning vapors be detected. Power vent water heaters output between 40,000 to 65,000 BTUs and typically come in 40 or 50 gallon tanks.

What Are the Benefits of a Power Vent Hot Water Heater?

So why choose a power vent hot water heater? As we discussed above, some homeowners may not have much of a choice due to a lack of chimney in the home. But there are more benefits than this, including more flexible placement. Since a power vent hot water heater has its own venting, you are no longer tied to a specific area to place your hot water heater. Additionally, the ability to capture the exhaust for condensing purposes is easier (you will need to install a condensing power vent hot water heater).

Hire Us for your Power Vent Water Heater Service

Any work for your combustion water heater should always be handled by trained experts, like the ones at Heavy Metal Plumbing. Our trained and certified specialists can help you with all of your power vent hot water needs, including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Hiring someone inexpert to work on your water heater can be risky at best and dangerous at worst, but not with our trained and certified experts. Call us today!