Water Softening Systems

If your home’s water comes from a well or another ground source, it is hard water: it contains a high mineralization level. But even treated municipal water can be high in minerals, so what can a homeowner do to soften water? Have the experts at Heavy Metal Plumbing install a whole home water softener system. Minerals in water aren’t bad for you, but they can create problems for your plumbing, water-using appliances, your clothes, and your skin and hair. With a water softener, the minerals are softened so they have little to no effect on these things. The key to gaining the benefits of a water softener system is hiring professionals for all service and installation, and this is where our experts come in. We’ve been helping customers with hard water for over 25 years, and we can help you, too. Call us today, and see what a water softening system can do for your home.

Heavy Metal Plumbing provides water softener services throughout South Florida.

How Does Water Become Hard?

When water originates from the sky in the form of rain, it has no minerals in it; it’s when this water hits the ground and flows through rocks and soil that it picks up minerals. In particular, water becomes heavily ionized with calcium, magnesium and mineral salts.

How Is Hard Water Measured?

To ensure you install the right–sized water softener, it’s very important to measure the hardness of your water. This is typically done in a measurement known as grain capacity. Your trained technician can measure the grain capacity of your water, which will tell him or her how high the level of mineralization is, aka, the “hardness” of your water.

What Can Hard Water Do?

The main problem caused by hard water is scaling. Scale is a white, hard substance that can build inside your pipes, your showerheads and your faucets, restricting the flow of the water. What is scale? It is the build–up of the minerals in the water. Adding a water softener to your home’s water reduces scale and alleviates scale and scale build–up.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners work by replacing the hard calcium and magnesium ions with sodium (salt) molecules. The process happens before the water enters your home’s plumbing system, so that the water is softened before it can flow through your home’s water outlets.

Hire Us for Water Softening Services

If you are seeing evidence around your water outlets or in your water–using appliances that you have heavy mineralization, it’s time to consider using a water softener in your home. Our experts can help you size and install your water softener so that it softens your water as needed, or we can repair, maintain or replace an existing one. Don’t let scale wear down your appliances, clog your plumbing or gray your clothes. Instead, call the experts at Heavy Metal Plumbing and schedule an appointment for water softener services today!