Water Filtration Systems

Many people think water filtration systems are only for areas that do not have municipal water; this is simply not true. While municipal water does get treated, the treatment may not be enough to remove minerals from hard water, and problems can develop with the municipal piping system or the main water pipe to your home. The bottom line? Using a whole home water filtration system can be a tremendous tool for any household, so if you’ve had concerns about your water, it’s time to see what a water filtration system can do for you. However, to gain the benefits of any water filtration system, it’s important to hire trained experts to handle all your work. This includes installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Allowing someone inexperienced to install your water filtration system can mean losing the benefits at the least and damaging your water pipes at the most. Our experts are here to help with all of your water filtration needs, so give us a call today!

Heavy Metal Plumbing provides water filtration system services throughout South Florida.

Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Filtration System

You may be wondering: can’t a filtered water pitcher or refrigerator water filter do the trick? The answer is no, and here are some reasons why a whole home system can offer you more benefits:

A whole home water filtration system helps protect water–using appliances – sediment and minerals can build up on water–using appliances, even with municipal water, shortening the life spans of these appliances. Examples include hot water heaters (both tank and tankless), washing machines, and dish washers.

You will be protected in case of a breach in your water–providing system – a whole home system filters all of the water coming into your home, so should a main water pipe break or other issues develop with your water, you will be protected.

Better water for all of the outlets in your home – when you use a single – faucet filter, only that water is getting filtered; with a whole home system, every drop of water from every faucet has been filtered. This means your shower water, dish water and laundry water are of the highest quality, which is good for you and your home.

Less fading of clothes – when you use hard water to wash your clothes, you’ll likely see a higher rate of wear and a gradual graying of whites. A water filtration system removes the minerals in the water, making it softer and better for washing.

Hire Us for Water Filtration System Services

Is it time for a water filtration system in your South Florida home, or do you need service for your existing one? Heavy Metal Plumbing is the band of plumbers to call! Our trained experts can help you with all of your water filtration needs, from installation and maintenance to repair and replacement. We have emergency service available day or night, and all of our work is priced on a flat–fee basis. Call us today, and let our pros get your water filtration system back on track.