Water Treatment Services

Do you have concerns about your home’s water? Is your water too hard and you want to soften it? Or do you just prefer the taste of filtered water? The experts at Heavy Metal Plumbing can help you with these needs and more with our professional water treatment services and expertise. While many homeowners in our area have access to municipal water, this doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t have problems with your home’s water. Main breaks, aging pipes to your home and ground shifts can compromise the quality of your home’s water. But, with a whole home water treatment system, you can rest assured that your water will be treated before it reaches a single tap in your home. Not sure which water treatment system best fits your home? Call our experts today and we’ll walk through all of your options with you.

Heavy Metal Plumbing provides water treatment system services throughout South Florida.

We Offer Water Treatment Services

When you need any kind of water treatment services for your home, call Heavy Metal Plumbing. For over 25 years, we have been helping customers improve the quality of their water. Our experts can help you choose and install a water filtration system or reduce heavy mineralization with a water softening system. We can also help you repair a malfunctioning water treatment device, or replace one that is failing. Having access to municipal water doesn’t always ensure your water is at the highest quality, so let our experts help you get the best water possible with an expertly installed and serviced water treatment system.

Why Hire an Expert for Water Treatment Services?

Your drinking water is far too precious a commodity to risk being tampered with by someone inept or as a DIY project. A whole home water treatment system becomes an integrated part of your plumbing – it isn’t just a simple filter that screws on to a faucet. This is the main reason why it’s so important to hire an expert for installation, like the ones at Heavy Metal Plumbing. Another reason to hire only trained professionals is that you expect certain benefits from your water treatment system, such as clean, fresh water, or softened water that is easier on your appliances and clothes. Without expert services, including repair, maintenance or needed replacement, you may not gain these benefits.

Water Treatment Is for More than Just Drinking Water

Think about how much water you use on a daily basis: showers, teeth brushing, washing fruits or vegetables, washing clothes and dishes – the list is long. Water touches everything you touch, including your water–using appliances. So doesn’t it make sense to treat all of your water, not just some of it? With the help of our trained experts, we can help you choose and install a water treatment system that helps your entire household: from water softeners that reduce scale build–up to making ice cubes that are odorless and refreshing.

Reverse Osmosis System Services

You’ve probably heard of osmosis, in which a solution equalizes itself through a semi–permeable membrane between two regions. Reverse osmosis is the opposite process. With a reverse osmosis system, water is forced through a semi–permeable membrane at a high rate of speed, which traps all contaminants on one side of the membrane, allowing only clean, fresh water on the other.

Water Filtration System Services

Whole home water filtration systems ensure that your entire home has and uses clean, fresh, filtered water at every outlet. This means your showers, your laundry, your dishwasher and your sinks all have the same great water to use. Did a water main break in your town? You won’t have to worry with a whole home water filtration system installed by one of our technicians at Heavy Metal Plumbing.

Water Purification Services

With a water purification system, you won’t ever have to worry about harmful contaminants, including gases and particles, in your water. This is because they are removed before your water can be used for anything, including drinking, cooking or bathing. Our experts can help with all of your water purification needs, from installation and repair to maintenance and replacement.

Water Softener Services

“Hard water” is water with high mineralization, and while it isn’t unhealthy for you, high mineralization can create problems for your plumbing. Adding a whole home water softening system to your plumbing, can reduce the effects of hard water, and our experts are here to help you with both installation and service.

Water Testing Services

Do you have concerns about your home’s water, or just want to know how clean it is? Give us a call. Our experts can perform professional water testing to help ensure that your water is clean and healthy, and won’t have an adverse effect on you or your water–using appliances.