Reverse Osmosis Systems

“Reverse osmosis” may sound like a fancy name for water treatment, but it is actually a fairly simply concept. Using a semi-permeable membrane as a filter, the water in your home is pushed through the membrane at a high rate of speed. This action forces the contaminants to be strained out and stay on one side of the membrane while the clean, fresh water moves to the other side. The impurities and contaminants are then removed to the system’s storage tank, and you are left with fresh, clean water coming through your faucet. This process is so effective it is used to desalinate water in regions where fresh water is scarce. With expert installation and service by our trained professionals, you and your family can enjoy the benefits a reverse osmosis system has to offer for years to come! Simply give us a call today, and our staff will schedule you for the service you need: installation, maintenance, repair or replacement.

Heavy Metal Plumbing provides reverse osmosis services throughout South Florida.

Why Use a Reverse Osmosis System?

If you’ve been looking for a way to have truly clean, fresh water, here are some reasons to consider a reverse osmosis system:

It doesn’t need electricity to run – a reverse osmosis system does not need any energy to filter the water, so you won’t see any increase in your monthly energy bill when you use this system.

No hard mechanics – a reverse osmosis system doesn’t use any kinds of pump, etc., to produce your filtered water, making it easier to maintain and use.

Over 99% of impurities and contaminants are removed – a RO system is extremely effective at removing the contaminants and impurities, making your water over 99% clean.

Easy under–the–sink installation – the system installs right under your sink, providing easy access for repair, maintenance or replacement.

No need to use filters – the semi–permeable membrane provides all of the filtering your water needs.

Odor–free water – your water will be completely odor–free, including ice cubes made from your filtered water.

What Kinds of Contaminants Are Removed by Reverse Osmosis?

These are the kinds of contaminants a reverse osmosis system can remove from your water. Additionally, your RO system can remove bacteria and any other particles that are .001 microns or larger in size:

Sodium (salt)








Hire Us for your Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Service

Your home’s water is too important to leave its filtration to just anyone. Our experts have been helping customers achieve their water treatment needs for over 25 years, and we can help you, too. If you are interested in using a reverse osmosis system, or need service for an existing one, don’t take a risk on an unknown or inexperienced person or company. Instead, call Heavy Metal Plumbing to perform all the work you need for your reverse osmosis system.